My name is Kyle Beck. I was born and raised in Southern Indiana. I graduated from Purdue University with bachelor’s in mechanical engineering technology in 2013. Since graduating from college, I’ve worked in industries where my knowledge of materials and mechanical devices has grown rapidly. With that experience and knowledge, I have developed the products you see at HHPE.  My passion as co-owner of HHPE is to grow the diesel motorsports industry, and continuing to develop products that help others showcase their rigs. I also have a huge passion for racing in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, and any local events that showcase any diesel platform. I consider the diesel industry family and I am looking forward to the future HHPE has in it.


Tyler Crews is from Southern Indiana, born & raised. Mechanical interests took root at a young age and were influenced heavily by his father (a former auto technician) and paternal grandfather (a retired heavy equipment operator). These interests ultimately settled, more specifically, on antique farm equipment and GM Diesel engines/vehicles. Antique tractor restoration started in 2000 at age 12, as his grandfather’s retirement project and quickly became a family hobby/obsession. The family collection now includes 23 tractors, numerous implements, and power units….and growing. The GM Diesel aspect has its origins based in need. In late 1981, Tyler’s grandfather purchased a lightly used Chevy C10 with a factory installed Oldsmobile 5.7L Diesel, to decrease fuel costs. At the same time Tyler’s father was working as a technician in GM dealerships focused on automatic transmissions and Diesel engines. His family had multiple Oldsmobile Diesel equipped vehicles until 1998, having as many as four in the family at one time. In August of 1993, the first turbo charged Diesel was introduced to the Crews family the form of a Chevy K2500 6.5TD, purchased by his grandfather. This was followed by two additional 6.5TD’s in 1997 & 1998. The family fleet now includes an LBZ, LMM, and two of the original 6.5TD’s. Tyler’s collection includes the ’93 6.5TD (which was his first vehicle), the ’81 C10 5.7L Diesel, multiple other Oldsmobile Diesels, two-stroke Detroit Diesels, and a GMC Toroflow Diesel. Tyler’s love for Diesel engines spilled over to affect his friend group, creating multiple converts, including his friend and business partner Kyle Beck.

After high school, with encouragement and support from family, Tyler attended Purdue University West Lafayette earning a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering (concentration in machine design) with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. The first engineering job Tyler held was with Clark Material Handling Company in Lexington KY. There he participated in new product development, product validation, warranty resolution, and battery application management. Looking to spend more time near family/home, Tyler took a position with KCC Manufacturing, in Louisville KY, designing sheet metal products. These experiences added new levels of understanding to his interests and helped cultivate ideas which will soon become projects for Hoosier Hills Performance Engineering LLC.