Hoosier Hills Service

Hoosier Hills Performance Engineering LLC (HHPE) is located in Southern Indiana, and here to serve the local community and the nation. HHPE is dedicated to light duty diesel reliability, maintenance, and performance. With our 20 years combined experience in the diesel industry, we are well versed in most light duty diesel applications. HHPE has various vendors to make streamlining parts and services for your application. The team at HHPE has pride in being available for any questions or concerns you may have while maintaining or modifying your vehicle. Be sure to read about the owners, and always remember HHPE is here for you.


  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission Replacements
  • Chassis Maintenance
  • Full-Service Diagnostics
  • Fuel System Service
  • Turbocharger Service
  • Custom CNC Parts
  • Custom CNC Plasma Sheetmetal Parts