GM/Duramax 03-07.5 CHEVY CATEYE BUNDLE - Powder Coated

Sale price$1,200.00


IMPORTANT!: Click the button below to view powder coating color options (External Website). Once you've selected your color, return here and select ADD TO CART, then VIEW CART. In the ORDER INSTRUCTIONS dropdown, enter your color and item number (example: Gloss Black USS 2603)

If you are looking for a under-hood bundle to set yourself apart from the crowd, look no further! We've created our HHPE Bundles to save you some of those hard earned dollars.


Our HHPE 03-07.5 CHEVY CATEYE BUNDLE - Powder Coated includes:


-GM/Duramax 03-07.5 Cat-Eye Core Support - Powder Coated
-GM/Duramax 01-07.5 Battery Covers - Powder Coated
-GM/Duramax 01-07.5 Fuse Box Cover - Powder Coated
-GM/Duramax 01-07.5 Coolant Reservoir - Powder Coated
-GM/Duramax (03-14) Brake Reservoir Cover - Powder Coated


Don't settle for less, and go with the best! HHPE, we got you covered!


****We Use Prismatic Powders****


***Powder Coating Lead Time Is Currently Up To 2 Weeks After The Order Date***

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