2001 - 2010 GM Bolt-On 4-Link Kit

Sale price$4,999.99



HHPE is proud to introduce our FULLY BOLT-ON 2001-2010 GM 2500-3500 chassis 4-Link Kit. This is a one of a kind kit for someone wanting to maximize adjustability of their rear suspension. Listed below are the benefits you will gain. Also, please checkout the assembly instructions to see how easy it is to install.

  • Eliminates the bulky factory leaf springs.
  • Eliminates the non-adjustable factory shocks.
  • Eliminates roughly 60 pounds while adding complete adjustability.
  • Multiple adjustments to put your Instant Center below or above the 100% Anti-Squat Line. 

***Kits are made to order 6-8 week lead time***

****Our ODSS race truck lost nearly 122 pounds do to getting rid of the factory leaf springs, shocks, and traction bars it was utilizing.****

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